Ecofont Home Edition

Ecofont Home Edition

Save ink while printing documents


  • Eco-friendly printing
  • Saves on expensive ink costs
  • Print to pdf option


  • Focused purpose program with little other options

Not bad

Ecofont Home Edition is a word processor software add-on that decreases the amount of ink used when printing documents.

The focus of Ecofont Home Edition is to significantly decrease the amount of ink used when printing documents. When printing documents with standard Microsoft Word documents like Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Trebuchet; Ecofont Home Edition prints the text with small circles inside each letter.

Using this method decreases the amount of ink used for each page. The process is great for draft prints when needing to quickly review documents before printing the final version.

Ecofont Home Edition adds itself in Microsoft Word as an optional print function and includes a small amount of customizable options. The program also includes a print to PDF format option so users can share electronic documents as well.

Ecofont Home Edition is a cost-saving program that saves both the environment and the wallet.

Ecofont Home Edition


Ecofont Home Edition

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